Revision Trouble

I know you’ve been waiting and waiting for “Ask Flash” day, but I want to give you a quick update on my story. You have to give Cindy credit—she’s really been slaving away on these revisions. Unfortunately, she hasn’t gotten very far. That’s because she’s on the third new beginning.

I liked the first one fine. It was a nice fight scene and I won, of course. Turns out, that scene is going to stay in the book, just not at the very beginning.

The second one stunk. Big time! I mean, it made me look like some kind of pathetic loser. It was awful! I kept saying “Hel-lo! What are you thinking? We can’t send this slop to the editor!” I thought I was going to have to resort to biting her to get her attention, when she finally listened to reason. Whew! What would she do without me to save her from such horrible mistakes?

Now she’s working on the third beginning, and I think she’s finally got it right. I LOVE this one, I totally get to shine in all my feline glory. Cindy says I’m a little full of myself,
but I think she means I’m loveable.

Thanks for your patience. And now for the next installment of “Ask Flash,” which I know you’ve been dying to read all week. Enjoy, it’s a good one!

W.E. and B.B. both asked, “How old are you?”

That’s a tricky question. Do you want to know in cat years or human years? In human years I’m at least one. But with the changes Cindy is making to the story I might be as much as two. But either way, I’m pretty young. In cat years I would be between 15 and 24.

Kevin wants to know, “Do you have a favorite cat on the team?”

Ringo is my best friend on the team. He’s a little crazy, but in a good way. Plus, he’s in charge of all that yumscious food in the dumpster! I learned how to like Dewey a little better by the end of my story, but he’s a bossy know-it-all. Cindy says I’m a bossy know-it-all, too, and that’s why Dewey and I clash. But what does she know? She’s just the author. I like Spike okay, but he’s a pretty serious, no nonsense kind of cat. And The General is The General, you know? Plus he’s got those scary blue eyes that might zap you at any minute. So Ringo’s definitely my favorite—he’s always good for a laugh or two.

Shannan asked, “How many inventions are there?”

And Wyatt asked almost the same question, “How many inventions do you have?”

Well I don’t actually have any inventions myself. Mortimer is the inventor in the story and he has tons of inventions! First he has that cool secret passage with all the entrances from different rooms. Then he’s got the Laundry System, the Master Control Panel, Sir Vac-a-lot, his Motion Machine in the attic, the Dander Zapper, the Automatic Bed Maker, and the Interspecies Translator (which used to be called the Legacy). That’s just the ones I know about. He must have been one busy man!

About flashthecatblog

I am the Professional Mews for Cindy Strandvold, as well as a huge fan of middle-grade books. Which, coincidentally, is the age Cindy writes for.
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44 Responses to Revision Trouble

  1. Victoria says:

    Flash, you have NO IDEA what Cindy goes through with revisions. Clearly, your level of appreciation for all her work is ever so slightly lacking! Maybe you could, for just a millisecond, put yourself in her paws. If you did, let me tell you, your toes would be cramped from all that keyboarding.

  2. kalenakai says:

    so when is the “secret” coming out flash

  3. Jack says:

    Those are good revisions. In the fight you mentioned, are you fighting Lucy? I remember that part from one of the versions of your book.

  4. Miss.Sugar says:

    Flash it’s so true we have been waiting so long for ASK FLASH DAy!!!!!but that’s OK because the longer we wait the more excited we get about it. So actually thank you very much for that!!!!!!!

  5. Emily says:

    How are you doing today?!?!?!

  6. Emily says:

    Thanks Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = >

  7. Miss.Sugar says:

    Don’t worry I would never miss any of the ASK FLASH DAYS!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE them!!!!!


  8. Miss.Sugar says:

    Hi flash it’s me again you told me yesterday you would have more to talk about so what is it.

  9. ffim says:

    I hope Flash stays warm out there, but I know you, his friend can make sure he is cuddled and loved during some of the rain storms we have had lately.
    Maybe you can even find him a raincoat or something else he can wear while he’s busy making all the new pals on his site.
    See ya

  10. kalenakai says:

    mrs m gives hard clues

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