Ringo’s Confession

Dude! Hey, this is Ringo. So, Flash said I could answer the rest of my questions on Friday. But there was this fly–one of those really big, buzzy ones. And so, I was like running all over the house to catch it. Man, you should have seen me jump!

But then when I was on the kitchen counter where I totally forgot I wasn’t supposed to be, I tried to pounce on that fly and I kind of like accidentally bumped into Cindy’s vase. You know the one she got for Mother’s Day that year?

And it broke. See?

And she yelled at me. And I had to hide under the bed. So I didn’t get my questions done in time. But they’re done now. Ta Da!

Ringo’s Totally Awesome Answers!!!!

Kaitlynn has three questions: “1. What is your favorite toy to play with? 2. Who else do you like on the TEAM besides Flash? 3. Do you have a friend who`s not on the TEAM?”

1. I don’t really have any toys since I’m mostly an outside cat. But I do like to chase crickets and grasshoppers and say hello to all the customers that come to the café. That means I gets lots and lots of petting and ear scratches. I’m pretty much like totally busy, because I also guard the dumpster and deliver The General’s food and help Flash be a watchcat and cheer the TEAM up when they’re bummed out.

2. I like everybody on the TEAM! Dewey is the smartest cat ever and Flash is like a super-cool secret agent and Spike is totally brave and strong and The General has those eyes that can zap you. That’s why we’re called the TEAM, because we’re such Totally Excellent Ani-Mals!

3. Ummm . . . well . . . I kind of like everybody. Except that butt-sniffer, Lucy, because she’s trying to steal IT and give it to the humans so we cats would lose our way of life. It would be a real drag to have to work for our food like horses and obey humans all the time like dogs! And I don’t like Boris, the one-eyed man, either. He did something to Mortimer and even though he smiles and acts nice, I can tell he is a bad, bad man. He’s a new character in the revisions Cindy just did. But he’s the big bad guy in the sequel. Oooh! Oooh! Guess who wins? I can’t tell you, that would give it away. Sorry!

Dot asks, “Ringo, I know you are friends with the General. Ask him if Lucy was mean when she lived there with the Gardener. Also was the Gardener a mean guy? Maybe Lucy changed and got mean when she thought nobody that loved her anymore.”

So, The General says that Lucy wasn’t mean exactly. But she liked to do things like dig up the flowerbeds and get The General blamed for it. Then Claude would spray The General with the hose and Lucy would laugh and laugh. At the end of the story Lucy says that she blames us cats for bad things that happened to her and that’s why she’s trying to ruin our lives. But those things totally weren’t our fault! If she spent half as much time finding a new family as she did planning her revenge she would be like totally happy already!

Wowie! That was fun. I guess I’m out of questions again. (Hint, hint.)

About flashthecatblog

I am the Professional Mews for Cindy Strandvold, as well as a huge fan of middle-grade books. Which, coincidentally, is the age Cindy writes for.
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5 Responses to Ringo’s Confession

  1. Hayley says:

    Oh no Ringo. U broke Cindy’s special vase. Well we just have to forget about the past. It is long gone. Bye Bye past!!!!! 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  2. Becoming to attached to material things can remove one from the greater joys of living. Just keep wispering that into Cindy’s ear every time she drifts off, Ringo, and she’ll come around.

    Or, you might point out to her all the kinds of disease that flies carry. Really, she should thank you for protecting her from both the fly and rampant materialism. Yeah. That’s it.

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