I’m Not Telling All Our Secrets

I’m glad you liked my video in the last post. Cats can do some amazing things that you humans can’t even fathom. Like purring. Your scientists can’t even agree on exactly how we do it, let alone why. And we aren’t telling.

Dewey has decided to research some more little known facts about cats to tell you. If he’s ready, I’ll let him post them on Friday. But now it’s time for . . .

Three more great pictures of me this week:

Flash (By ReBecca)

Flash (By Evana)

Flash (By Kevin)

And inventions from the book!

The Dander Zapper (By Sam)

IT (aka The Legacy) (By Ryan)

There sure are a lot of good illustrators at BES! See you again on Friday for “Ask Flash!” and enough of Dewey’s cat facts to make your life complete!


About flashthecatblog

I am the Professional Mews for Cindy Strandvold, as well as a huge fan of middle-grade books. Which, coincidentally, is the age Cindy writes for.
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8 Responses to I’m Not Telling All Our Secrets

  1. Dot says:

    Flash, I think you purr to make humans like you, so they help make the feline way of life possible. I don’t know how you do it.

  2. Hayley says:

    Great pictures you guys you really put a LOT of hard work into those. šŸ˜‰ Keep up the good work. šŸ˜‰

  3. Hayley says:

    Really Flash! Thanks for the idea. I REALLY want to be a cake baker. šŸ˜‰

  4. Hayley says:

    Ok whatever u want

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