A Tip You Can’t Live Without

Before I give you my handy tip, I just want to remind all my fans to vote. If you remember, Lucy and I had a little argument on Friday on whether cat books or dog books are better. I’m a cat and Lucy is a dog, so it’s obvious where we stand. But what about you? We’re leaving it up to our human fans to settle the issue. So send in your vote NOW, before you read another word!

Okay. Now that you’re finished voting for cat books, it’s time for my handy tip. I know we can’t always run out and buy every single book we want to read. For one thing it costs too much money and for another our bookshelves would explode! Thank goodness for libraries, huh? But sometimes you go to the library and they don’t have the book you want. I don’t mean that it’s already checked out and you have to wait, I mean they don’t have it AT ALL!

Before you say, “Drat. Drat. Double drat!” let me tell you a secret. It’s only two words, so it’s easy to remember. Interlibrary loan. Got that? Let me say it again in case you missed it the first time. INTERLIBRARY LOAN.

Here’s how it works. Your library “checks out” the book you want from another library who does have it. They mail the book to your library and your library checks it out to you. Voila!

Talk to your librarian to find out how they do this. If your library has a website, you might even be able to request an interlibrary loan on-line. Super easy!

And guess what? My top-secret sources tell me that even school libraries sometimes do this! So if you can’t get to the public library, talk to your school librarian. Remember your manners and be sure to bring him or her a little present to thank them for helping you out—a freshly caught mouse would do nicely.

Now there’s no excuse for not finding the books you want to read. Ready, set, GO!

About flashthecatblog

I am the Professional Mews for Cindy Strandvold, as well as a huge fan of middle-grade books. Which, coincidentally, is the age Cindy writes for.
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22 Responses to A Tip You Can’t Live Without

  1. Hayley says:

    Flash you always have the best tips! Best tip a cat could ever give! 😉

  2. Kaitlynn says:

    i really don`t know what to pick! The two kinds of books are really good! And Flash, you do have some really good tips!

    • Well if you’re voting for both, that means cat books have seven votes and dog books have three. I’m still winning! (And I’m glad you liked my tip. You’ll have to tell me if you try it!)

  3. Dot says:

    Looks like some good books in your picture.

  4. Hayley says:

    i have read one of those books! 😉 It’s GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hayley says:

    The one with the girl.

  6. Hayley says:

    I don’t know i don’t rember it very well?

    We did a novel study on a book called Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key! Great Book! you should read it. ther are 4 books. I am on the 2nd book! I could do a recommendation for that one. It’s a bout a kid withADHD. Sounds sad but is a GREAT, FUNNY book! 😉

  7. Hayley says:

    UMMMMM let me check I would love too though!

  8. Hayley says:

    Hey Flash I am also going to be at the fall carnival tomorrow at Berthoud El. Maybe Cindy can come to that and we can talk. Dot you and me can meet up MAYBE!

  9. Hayley says:

    I have all ways wanted to help Flash with something! 😉

  10. Hayley says:

    Well it’s also because you have to trust people to do a secret mission! So Dot is going to be ther right?

  11. Hayley says:

    She wore more than the hat! She wore the WHOLE costume! It ws good to see her!! And she gave the note to me! And I am 95.5% sure i can do it though I will let you know!

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