A Fountain Fit For Felines

Ringo: Hey, Flash, I read your book recommendation for Regarding the Fountain on Friday. Dude, that sounded like totally awesome. So when are we getting our new drinking fountain?

Flash: I don’t know, I haven’t heard back from Florence yet.

Ringo: Can our fountain have some goldfish swimming around in it? Huh? Can it? Wouldn’t that be like FAR OUT? I love to watch little fishies!

Spike: Great idea! Then we can bat the goldfish out of the water and eat them!

Ringo: **gasp** Dude, you can’t eat my little fishies!

Spike: Why not? I’m a cat aren’t I?

Ringo: But I want to watch them swim around!

Flash: Uh, I didn’t ask her about goldfish. I guess we could write her another letter. Let me get on the computer . . .

Dewey: I noticed the fountain Ms. Waters designed for the school in the book had a chocolate milk dispenser. Flash, do you think you could request a cheese dispenser on ours? It could have different buttons for each flavor. Cheddar. Swiss. Gouda. That would be fantastic!

Spike: **licking chops** Yeah, that would be nice, too. But I’m really looking forward to those goldfish.

Ringo: Ooooh Ooohhhh! I know! Could it be one of those fountains that spurt up and make those neato patterns and arcs? Then we could pounce on the little squirts of water! Wouldn’t that be fun?

The General: I don’t like that idea at all. I don’t want to get squirted in the face when I want a drink.

Dewey: I bet she could make it spurt on one side and bubble gently on the other.

Lucy: I know I’m only the villainous dog of the story. But if we’re making this fountain for all the characters, do you think it could have some doggie biscuits or something?

Dewey: I don’t know why not.

Ringo: Where should we have her build it? In the Command Center or over at the Dumpster?

The General: I don’t think Mortimer would like a fountain in his garage.

Ringo: I guess we could just have it on the blog, then, huh?

Flash: Hey, hold on, I can’t type that fast. Cheese and what else?

Cindy: I hate to interrupt, but you guys are getting totally out of control! Regarding the Fountain is a fiction book. FICTION! Remember, fiction means made up. Florence Waters and her amazing fountains were MADE UP by Kate Klise. Just like I made you up.

Dewey: Ahem. May I remind you that although we are fictional characters, we are also perfectly real. You of all people should know that!

Cindy: Of course you’re real to me, but . . .

Ringo: I bet poor old Florence is sitting around totally bored because everyone thinks she’s made up and no one is ordering her fountains. Well, I want a groovy fountain!

Spike: With goldfish.

The General: And gentle bubbles.

Dewey: And cheese.

Lucy: And dog treats.

Flash: Got it! So who wants to sign the letter first? Cindy?

Cindy: Uh . . .

About flashthecatblog

I am the Professional Mews for Cindy Strandvold, as well as a huge fan of middle-grade books. Which, coincidentally, is the age Cindy writes for.
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4 Responses to A Fountain Fit For Felines

  1. Hayley says:

    Great blog it was funny

  2. Dot says:

    I want one with chocolate.

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