Clothes Make the Human

It has come to my attention that you worry an awful lot about your clothes.

Should I wear shorts or long pants?
But my lucky shirt is in the wash!
I must go shopping—I have nothing to wear!

Don’t even try to explain, you know you’ve said these exact words.

I guess I can understand your dilemma, though. Being human, you lack even a marginally adequate fur coat.

Have you ever seen a naked human?


No wonder you people wear clothes!

Personally, I don’t have a bit of trouble with what to wear. As you can see from this picture, my bright blue eyes, lovely light brown fur and seal point markings are elegant enough for any occasion!

There is just one teensy-weensy problem that concerns me. Be honest—does this collar make me look fat?


That’s what I was afraid of.

About flashthecatblog

I am the Professional Mews for Cindy Strandvold, as well as a huge fan of middle-grade books. Which, coincidentally, is the age Cindy writes for.
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6 Responses to Clothes Make the Human

  1. Dot says:

    No, Flash! You look very handsome.

  2. Hayley says:

    Flash I get the emails usually and I haven’t got any lately! Should I just sign up to get them again? And Great Blog I love looking at it

  3. Rose says:

    By the way, I think you look adoribole!!!

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