MMGM: The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable

My feline intuition told me I was going to love today’s Operation Story Share book as soon as I saw the main characters’ names were Coke and Pepsi. My feline intuition also tells me you might enjoy The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable by Dan Gutman.

Here’s the story in a nutshell:

Coke and Pepsi McDonald didn’t want to jump off a cliff.

They didn’t want to get hit by poisoned darts from blowguns either. And they certainly don’t want to get locked in their burning school, thrown into a pit at the top of a sand dune, or drowned in a vat of liquified SPAM. But what are you supposed to do when you’re being chased across the country by your insane health teacher and two guys in bowler hats who are trying to kill you? One thing’s for sure, it’ll be a snap for Coke and Pep to write their essays on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”

Now if that didn’t make you want to read this story, Cindy told me to tell you that she highly recommends it, too. See, she went on a similar back-road cross-country trip this summer. Okay, I guess it really wasn’t that similar, seeing as she wasn’t being chased by lunatic killers. But she actually stopped at one of the corny highly educational places mentioned in the book. As you can clearly see, her daughter and daughter’s friend are having a great time at the Geographical Center of the Continental United States near Lebanon, KS.

After reading The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable, Cindy can’t wait to also visit the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia, the National Yo-Yo Museum, and the SPAM Museum.

Me? I didn’t care as much as she did about the real quirky tourist traps featured in the book or the sidebars that let the reader follow along the twins’ journey with Google Maps. But I loved how Coke and Pepsi worked to unravel the secret government plot they’d become unwittingly involved in. I give The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable by Dan Gutman two paws up!

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I am the Professional Mews for Cindy Strandvold, as well as a huge fan of middle-grade books. Which, coincidentally, is the age Cindy writes for.
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6 Responses to MMGM: The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable

  1. Dot says:

    Flash, I have enjoyed all the books that have been recommended on your blog, but two recent ones stand out as especially good. “Wonder” and “Ghosts of the Titanac” are the titles.

  2. This book just sounds awesome! I love that there are so many things to like about it! Thanks for the great review.

  3. Joanne Fritz says:

    Flash, I love Dan Gutman’s other books, but I haven’t read this one yet. It sounds like classic Dan Gutman, that’s for sure! Thanks for the recommendation, Flash and Cindy!

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