MMGM: Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities

I totally want to be in the Captain Stupendous Fan Club! Not the Official Captain Stupendous Fan Club or the Friends of Stupendous, or the Stupendites—everybody knows how lame they are. No, I want to be in the cool fan club with Vincent and Max and George. I just know they could use a Feline Extraordinaire like me on their side.

Oh, wait! Sorry, I guess I need to tell you that I’m talking about Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities, the book by Mike Jung I’m recommending for Operation Story Share today.

Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities

Here’s what the inside cover says:

Can knowing the most superhero trivia in the whole school be considered a superpower? If so, Vincent Wu is invincible.

If not (and let’s face it, it’s not), then Vincent and his pals Max and George don’t get any props for being the leaders (and, well, sole members) of the (unofficial) Captain Stupendous Fan Club.But what happens when the Captain is hurt in an incident involving BOTH Professor Mayhem and his giant indestructible robot AND (mortifyingly) Polly Winnicott-Lee, the girl Vincent totally has a crush on?

The entire city is in danger, Vincent’s parents and his friends aren’t safe, the art teacher has disappeared, and talking to Polly is REALLY, REALLY AWKWARD.

Only Vincent Wu has what it takes to save the Captain, overcome Professor Mayhem, rally his friends, and figure out what to say to Polly. But will anyone take him seriously? Seriously. Anyone??

If you have not yet read Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities by Mike Jung, I must insist you get your paws on a copy ASAP. This is one not to be missed! Just don’t try to steal my spot in the fan club, or you might meet my razor-sharp claws.

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I am the Professional Mews for Cindy Strandvold, as well as a huge fan of middle-grade books. Which, coincidentally, is the age Cindy writes for.
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5 Responses to MMGM: Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities

  1. Joanne Fritz says:

    I loved this book! Lots of action, and it was incredibly funny too! Great post.

  2. Sounds like I need to read this if you and Joanne like it. Thanks for spotlighting it.

  3. This book sounds great! I am definitely curious about it after reading how much you want to be in the fan club. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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