About Cindy


This is Cindy Strandvold. She writes middle-grade books because she thinks stories for that age are the most fun. Cindy has one husband, two kids, and three real cats. We all live in a 115-year-old house in Colorado.

Besides ME, some of her favorite things include books, old houses, warm chocolate chip cookies, naps, and new socks.

93 Responses to About Cindy

  1. Anna says:

    Does Cindy feed you realy good so you can be a happy little Siamise cat? I have a ginea pig and
    um… I feed him a carrot every morning before I go to school and he the fattes thing! LOL (Laughing Out Loud) His name is Twister because he a big mohock and he has a twist of brown,black,white,ect. Not purpe or any of thoes ordonary colors. Put on that cap that makes you able to talk to peaple and tell Cindy that I sure hope that she can find a publisher for her book.

  2. Dot says:

    Flash, do you think Mortimer could invent a time machine so you could go back and meet the people who built your 113 year old house? I bet you could meet lots of interesting cats back then tool

    • I’ve always thought old Mortie should build a time machine! Cindy likes time travel stories too, but she says they’re hard to write. I think she should put a little effort into it, don’t you?

  3. Anna says:

    I own a ginia pig and I at first I thought that I owned him not that he owned me. If he ownes me he probley tells all of his friends that I am a pain in the butt for him. I am realy mixed up now. LOL

    • Sounds like you’re finally getting it straight. Humans think they own everything!

      • Anna says:

        I fell sorry for you that you are getting tooken over with humans. I wouldn’t treat
        you like others do.You know when you put your email in to get um…….. updates on
        the book? I put my email in there and I woundered if you were the one emailing the people
        the updates on the book. I emailed whoever emailes the updates back.

  4. Eriana says:

    Whats your favorite food?

  5. Eriana says:

    Flash do you have any sibilings or cousins cause i have thousands i bet mabye you have alot of members cause you are FAMOUS!

  6. kriselle says:

    is cindy your favorite person?

  7. kriselle says:

    what kind of cat is the general?

  8. Eriana says:

    well are you cindys favorite cat or siamese cat?

  9. Eriana says:

    This is a cool website

  10. Eriana says:

    haha lol so do you sit in a chair and replie to everyone that tells you something

  11. Eriana says:

    oh my fingers get tierd to but do you ruin the keyboard with your paws? Just wondering:]

  12. Eriana says:

    thanks for cating with me

  13. PhiaSophia says:

    OOO, Cindy looks like a really pretty lady!!!!!! (Oh I have met her in person too) And uh Flash who are the cats the cats that live with u?

    • You mean the real cats that live with Cindy and her family? Their names are Molly and Misty and you’re not going to believe this: Flash. That was a pretty stupid choice because everyone gets messed up whether they are talking about ME, Mr. Cool, or the real Flash, Mr. Pansy.

  14. sophia says:

    hey flash would you like to be a humen or just like you are

  15. sophia says:

    hey about cindy, do you know when cindy wrote her book

  16. Eriana says:

    I heard that you dont ringo on your website i kinda agree or you should let him do a couple of comments but more of YOU!

  17. Miss.Sugar says:

    Dear Flash, could you ask Cindy if she could make a unfattener for me because my cat is fat!!!!! Also something funny he does is roll on the floor and asks me to rubb his chubby tummy!!!!!!!

  18. Miss.Sugar says:

    Oh Flash it’s me again Miss.Sugar and I meant to say a unfattener in her book for my fat cat.!!!!!!!!!…….LOL LOL [ laugh out loud ]….!!!!!!!!…..

  19. natalie says:

    What does Cindy feed you?

  20. Anna says:

    I found out this really cool design.

  21. shashone says:

    candy is so nice i cant bleve it

  22. shashone says:

    sorry i what on but she is prity

  23. kaleigh says:

    how are u Flash?

  24. kaleigh says:

    i hope the book is coming along well.

  25. bonnie says:

    hi cindy, having any luck?

  26. Melvin Avery says:

    I think this is an excellent way to getting children to read also. Jalyneclonts is my grand daughter and she comes here daily to see if any one has commmented back to her. Keep up the good work cuz.

  27. Hayley says:

    My house is about that old too!

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  29. Lexi says:

    i am cool like you i thing i hope so becase i am 9 but 10 on jauary 31

  30. Lexi says:

    i need to tell yu zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. tiabam67 says:

    Great blog cousin! One of Lorelai’s fav shows to watch is ‘The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That’ I look forward to your publishing! TC!
    Love Tia, Lorelai, Jimmy & Little Buddie.

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